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Democracy Thrives on Risk-Taking

Updated: Jul 7

Alright, let’s take a risk, and see whether our limb gets sawed off.


Copano believes in Democracy and that it’s going to be okay.  True to its history, our way of doing government is going through some severe turbulence, when things look bad; but have no fear, Abe is always near.  Democracy will survive, and. yes, it will thrive.

Under Biden, the economy is steadily improving, and his influence is in the process of forcing the end of the war in Ukraine.   Also, the people on US streets have a new hop in their steps to go with their recovered optimism about what lies around the corner.

We know not what the future hath of marvel or surprise, said Whittier.  And he was right.   There will be more testing times in which doubt, and fear raise their ugly heads.  But ever present are the bright rays of Democracy’s sunshine.  Republican, Democrat or Independent, whatever the leadership label, laws will be enforced, and Democracy's way of life continues to prevail.

As a result, the USA will continue to march proudly into the future, as the bombs ae bursting, its flag will still wave.

Remember.  You read it here but remember as well; it’s in the Constitution, and in our core religious documents:  the Truth will prevail, always and forever. No matter what.

Remember two, there are many limbs on our tree.

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