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The Real Dangers in Our Party Loyalties

We need to tone down significantly our loyalties to a particular political party,  namely, to either the Democratic or to the Republican party.

There’s way too much anger and distrust among us for the views and representatives of the "OTHER" party, that is, for the party not of our choosing or inclination.  Politically speaking, we tend to despise one another; most everybody and everything we dislike we associate with the other party.

The resultant animosity is of our own making.  We caricature, even distort badly the views of the party not of our choosing. Its members are out of touch with reality. “They” are our enemies.

I do not exaggerate.  The biased feelings among us, party-wise, are strong, deeply held….and mostly wrong. After all, we are Americans unified even though we have our relatively minor disagreements.

Trump may be a felon or a high-class criminal.  But he is not Satan!  And worst of all, he is of our making, whether we like him or not; many of us identify with the guy because he is like us, or like the person we'd like to be.

Trump has power because many among us want a man of his liking to be our leader---strong, articulate and a bulldozer.

By contrast, Joe Biden is beloved, and followed, because he has been deeply immersed in American politics for almost 40 years. But whether you like him or not, there is no way Biden can be said to be untainted; you simply cannot succeed in an unsaintly environment without being at least partly made unsaintly yourself.

So, Putt says.   Cease, or soften the party loyalty.  Be independent, totally so, or as much as you possibly can be.  Do not idolize or worship too much any politician, no matter his clothing.   And please, please do not place party loyalty above loyalty to America and to the basic values of our Democracy.

In short, be your own person!   Your points of view are the ALL of what really matters.

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