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Calming Down in Real Time

Updated: Jul 9

As Beryl dwindles up the Texas east coast, the people of the region return pretty much to life as it really is. At last, the storm is over.

A presidential campaign evokes similar responses among us. Tensions exist\. Many are frightened. Candidates tell us things are horrible. Then comes the election, after which we pretty much return to addressing the typical events and situations that we face most every day.

Unlike the impact of a natural storm, however, a presidential campaign creates false tensions, and they are replete with exaggerations. In fact, outright lies are told on all sides.

We could handle presidential campaigns much better, I am convinced, if we deliberately sought to remain calm most of the time, and especially when we're going through the national ups and downs we experience every four years.
When we see the "calm" things for what they are, reality, we make better choices. we keep our friends' and we are reawakened to the beauty of life itself and the wonder of it all. Our lives today are the most blessed of any that have ever lived. Period. That's the truth.

And nowhere in the world is this more the case than in the USA. I drive the streets. I shop the big and little markets. I talk to people, lots of them. And I ask myself, what in the world, really now, do we have to complain about?


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