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Faith Edition #1 We Are Excited to Inquire

Would you be interested in joining with a group of like-minded people of faith in an active, online Church?

This new Church would not be in a particular place, but in many places, wherever its participants are.

This Church would endeavor to make use of every helpful form of modern communication, TV, streaming, audio of Mny kinsa, wrx ;  and in meeting the needs of those who need help spiritually and monetarily as well as n finding jobs that fit their abilities and enable tohem to grow as individuals.

This Church would be a Family of brothers and sisters, old and young, children and single – all pursuing the same goal of being better Chrsitins in the modern world.

Contact me, if interested:  Andy at 561-635-6522

As you do, I ask your help in naming “us.’  Favorite to date: Saint Andrews, an Online Church for the 24th Century

Please give you name and tell us how we can contact you.
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