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Hollywood Success by a Little Guy from Refugio, Texas

 Nolan Ryan and Joe Gallway excepted, Refugio, Texas is not well known for producing famous people. But the town has produced several persons who have become well and respected, within their professions, one such being Claude Ennis “Jack” Starret,who was born in Refugio on November 2,1936; he died in Sherman Oaks, CA On March 27, 1979.

Despite lving only 52 years, Jack Starret directed several movies and TV plays; often he did boh.

Jack did not attend in Refugio High School.  Instead, he went to San Marcos Academy, where he utilized his athletic skills with good success.

However, it was post-Refugio and post-San Marcos, that Jack Starrett became best known for tehe seeral movies and TV series he directed, in which he often also performed as an actor

Jack Starrett directed several movies and TV programs; often, he also performed as an actor.

Most notably, Jack Starrett played a parody of Gabby ayws in Blazin Saddles.  Tut he

Acclaimed and action filled-, but not well own, was his cirection of A Small Town in Texas, released in 1979.     The movie is about aguy who returns home after five years in prisonfor marijuana possession; and the suby is ful  of hostilities.    If you haven’t seen it, we suggest that you obtain a copy online and wath it.  Once you’ve done that, Putt gives you may rwell atgree with Putt’s obseration,  “the movied coult only have been put together by someone very familiar specifically with others who hae grown up with him in, you guessed it, Refugio, Texas.


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