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I'm a Minister: And This Is What I Think About Same Sex Marriage

It’s far from over, not just the adoption of gay marriage but the question of how the humankind will incorporate equality for gays and trans into their culture, which will likely take years.


Based on historical patterns, we can look forward now to a backlash that could be ugly and end up with gays and trans having lost much they have recently gained.   No matter how powerful a movement, there are always counter forces at work.  Big historical changes are not easy to come by, nor to keep.  The history of our civilization is replete with resentments, especially with respect to persons long thought “abnormal.”

Hopefully, what I believe will come true:  many of the equality gains made by gays and trans will remain and some will be strengthened, like the legal rights of gays to inherit and pass on as they desire.

But critical questions will remain.  And for me, the central question now and for the foreseeable future has to do with gay marriage.  Is it really “equal” to straight marriage?   My opinion is that it is not.  For the bindings are simply not the same and should not be considered as such.

Also, for me, this means that we must find ways to strengthen traditional marriage, since forever. the bedrock of a viable civilization.

Gays in a relationship should be allowed to raise children, if such is their desire.  But the differences between how they raise children and how they are raised in a traditional marriage need to be maintained for the sake of both.

In other words, all marriages and all "unions" are profoundly "sacred," and ought always to be revered by the parties involved, regardless of whatever sexual orientation may be the case for the individuals.


The primary concern in marriage as well as in a sacred union is the wellbeing of any and all children living in the respective homes.    Several key questions in this area immediately arise, like how are the “gay” children of a home to relate across their unions as well as with the boys and girls in traditional families?

These and related matters will not be quickly or easily resolved. So, let us pray that we can, and will.

As for me and my house, we will strive to love the Lord

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