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PEP TALK: There's No Reason to Stay Bored

Boredom is not something we welcome, but, sooner or later, it comes to all of us. If serious enough, boredom can lead to the loss of meaning, most seriously to a "giving up" on life itself.

A major reason we can be bored is because we are not enjoying the work we do for a living.

A proven solution to job-unhappiness is, of course, to quit and find work more to one's liking. Taking such a step may lead to a loss in income, but in the long run, it is worth it. You're happier, and so are the people around you.

But you say, I enjoy my work. I believe you. Also, I believe you when you still say I'm bored, especially when you are not at your day job.

Once again, solutions to off-work boredom are simple: find the time, make the time, to recreate: play cards, read, jog, swim, talk to friends, whatever it is that best suits you. Fill your off- work hours by doing things in which you find a real measure of enjoyment. And if such means getting off your rear, do so, now!

Life is meant to be enjoyable, and not boring. I firmly believe that and know it holds true for myself.

So, laugh, smile. Enjoy yourself, in whatever you do.

When you do, I guarantee: you will feel better about yourself, and those around you will also feel better.
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