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Presidential Immunity May Be Impossible to Contain

Updated: 7 days ago

Now that the President’s official acts have been judged to be immune from criminal prosecution, who's to say claiming the privilege will stop there?

 Logically, it may not, and likely, will not.  For now, every officer in the Executive office can claim the same privilege, and why not?  If the officer is acting officially, ought he or shough not also be immune?

Until the immunity decision was made, most Americans believed that no one in the USA, including the president, was ever immune from prosecution.  For the president is just like every other American, subject to the rule of law.

Of course, we do know for sure where all this headed, but it does not look promising.   Project 2025 intends to do even more to strengthen the control of the Executive office over the Judiciary and over Congress. 

In other words, it's fascism in the making.

Hopefully, at some point the immunity grant to the president will be altered so as to make him or her more legally accountable. which would mean that there would also have to be a strengthening of the power of both the Judicial and he Congressional branches of our government.

Obviously, we need the best people we can elect in Congress and the very best constitutional lawyers as our most important judges, including in SCOTUS.  Doing that has never been easy, but for our democracy to work each of its branches must be strong, well managed and as true to the Constitution as human beings can make it.
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