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Realignments Have Created a 2AD1 Monster

It’s never too early

to consider which 2024 teams will succeed in 2AD1 for the 12 to 15 weeks that follow the last Friday in August.

The uncertainties are compounded this year due to the 2024-26 realignments.  How the new changes will impact the outcomes, we won’t know until late November.

But let’s take a stab at setting the stage for what promises to be a highly successful season

One major change due to realignment is that none of the 2AD1 teams will have to be concerned with Shiner blocking their path to the Title.  The Comanches are long gone, down, that is, to 2aD2 and District 13. 

Division 2.2 teams that face the Comanches will quickly learn what South Texas fans have long known; Shiner will be highly competitive against every team they meet.  They open the season with challenges, by hosting Hallettsville, then travelling to Altair Rice and Poth for games two and three.

Partly in compensation for the loss of Shiner, 2AD1 Region 4 will have Crawford as a new District 13 member for 2024 and 2025. The Pirates are, however, not new to 2AD; in recent years they have competed in Region II.

Something similar is the case in District 1 of 2AD1 Region I, where Spearman has been added, reassigned downward, from 3AD2 to 2AD1'

Despite there being a full two months before week 1 games, Putt is here boldly naming his Top Six Preseason choices in 2AD1. Led by the brilliant Bryce Ullman, Ganado sits comfortably at the top, for now.

1.         Ganado
2.        Mason
3.        Flatonia
4.        Centerville
5.        Cisco
6.        Refugio

Of course, Putt has added his school, Refugio, for sentimental reasons. Still, perhaps the biggest as yet unanswered question for the entire2024 season will be how well the Bobcats can perform without their legendary head coach Jason Herring. His replacement, long=time assistant Drew Cox, will have talented players, as the Cats always have; but can he mold them into a championship contender? THAT is the question.

We will just have to wait and see.  And that’s what makes it all so much fun!
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