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Runs Galore Feature 1A, 2A Semifinals

The Fayetteville Lions started the rush across home plate by scoring 8 runs in the second inning of their game against Ira. They added more as the Bulldogs made their comebut, with the final score of 21-6 setting 1A records.

Quite honestly , the businest person on hand at Dell at that point had to be the home base umpire, who likely needed a new base brush for the next game, which pitted Chester and Ira against one another.

Chester took an early 5-0 led, but Ira, known for its scoring abilities, responded and took the game, 10-5.

Fayetteville and Ira meet for the 1A tile, June 6, 9:00 am, weather permitting, at Dell Diamond.

Collinsville continued the day's scoring binge with a 10-0 victory over Centerville. 

The Hawley Bearcats returned the tournament to someting like normalcy by Defeating Flatonia 4-3 in a game that had been moved to UT Disch-Field due to inclement weather.

The 2A final between Collinsville and Hawley is tentatively set to be played at noon on Friday, June 7, back at the Dell Diamond in Round Rock.
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