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Say No! to Naysayers

People with strong opinions are usually listened to.  But that doesn’t mean that what they say is accurate.  In fact, quite often, they are lying to us…. big time!

Their very loudness is a clue.  They shout or punctuate !!!!! to hide their inadequacies.

Truth is not truth when it shouts to hide weakness.

Truth must make sense.  It must have been tested.  It must come from reliable sources.
If you want to know how to milk, you go to the dairy farmer.   If you are in search of a model to emulate, you look for the one that is most admired and respected.  (If you want to be a winning coach, you imitate the master coaches.)

How do we resist the Lie?  It’s fairly simple,  you say, No!
But No is not so easy because you are a tad too eager, your guard is down, it comes from a
source that should be reliable.

The immense value of Second thoughts, Just because Abe said it, or the claim is made, that does not mean the saying is true, or accurate.  In fact, the opposite may be the case.
Question everything.  Trust only what you know to have already been proven, or its foundation well established.

Whom to trust?   Preachers?  Maybe.  Teachers?   Usually.   Politicians?  Never.  And none of these until you done your homework.

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