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Sunday Pep Talk, March 4, 2024

By Pastor Putt

Several of my daughter's co-workers are very unhappy. After having my daugter ecplain why, I think they have reasons.
All employers should treat their employees with respect; after all they were the ones who used supposedly good jugdment in hiring them.
But many businesses are under tremendous pressures, from the top down, mostly to make money for their business and to enhance the well being of their bossess and the company or business they work for.
At times, largely depending on the "earnings" pressures, lack of respect for "underlyings" flows from managers and others who are "in charge."
Huge resignations by employees may result; but are unlikely when persons need thir jobs and regular pay checks, especially if they are young women trying to make it in what has long been a "man's" world.

My message to those feeling they have been badly treated: Hang tough. "This too shall pass." Sooner or later, the managers or bossess will see their misconduct and show more respect, or else, the business will close; at which point you will be forced to look around.
Always be looking around, not because you don't like your present job, but to be accessible to whatever happens to come your way that may make your life and the lives of htose you sppport better.
Finally, know the truth in faith: you are special! There's no one else like you. You have your own abilities and, hopefully, sooner rather than later, you will discover how to use them most effectively by working at a job that really fits you and in which you are actully shown respect.

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