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The Mindset That's Killing Us

Updated: Mar 26

By Andrew "Putt" Pate, March 26, 2024

You meet it everywhere: in church, at school, at the ballpark, at the bank, across your neighbor's fence, in casual conversation.

We, of course, are not refering to an atomic bomb or some other instrument of death.
Instead, we are referring to something yet more lethal.

For lack of a better name, we are calling this threat a "Mindset" and a mindset that has most of its attention placed on guns and their usage.

A few words capture the' essence of our mindset: "We Americans are mad as hell about everything."

So it is, we are not just mad at immigrants or Blacks or at others who have been granted new freedoms in our country over recent decades (new to them). We are mad at the natives and the Whites as well; and if we are going to be completely honest, we must declare that we are profoundly mad at ourselves , for not having found solutions that would free us from our madness.

Some question our right to own guns. How dare them!

Others are agnry at the poll counters, either for doing their jobs or for not doing them.When you'rer "mad as hell," you can be mad about any and everything.

And if "our team" is not doing well, we can be our maddest at them, For our God has given them to us that we may have idols to worship when we are happy. Even that has been taken from us, alas!

Regarding the role of churches and other religious institutions. They have had little to say about our mindset; and that is precisely our point: they should have said a lot, a whole lot! Now, there us no one speaking loudly for the predomance of reason and what works for human beings to have the best of all possible lives.
Today it's " Guns and Bullets! Guns and Bullets1" "Kill, Kill, Kill!"

Yes, these wordss drive our current mndset,and. as cuch, they are the wordsof a dying civilization.

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