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When Should Sports and Politics Be Mixed?

By Andy "Putt" Pate, former guard for the Refugio bobcats


A strong opinion among Americans affirms that one should not mix political discussion with other topics or in other places, like in church or when reporting on sports.  Political discussion only muddles the issues.

But what if political developments are threatening sports as well as other areas of American life?  To the point, say, that sports contests should not be allowed when the fans and players involved are politically divided, and sharply so?

So, when exactly should a sports reporter get openly involved in politics?  Answer:  When it is clear that politicaal trends threaten the American way of life.

Sound crazy?  Wait up.  Julius Caesr is said never to have lost a sport event.  Was he the best athlete in the Roman Empire?  Not by any measure!  But he was the emperor, and the emperor defined the law.  In other wordsd, the emperor had “immunity.”

I believe most Americans believe as I do:  No one in the USA is “above the law.” No one! And never!

Some athletic events are very closely contested.  Suppose, in such a case, I could say I don’t agree with what the scoreboard says, or with the calls that referees made at critical tims?

Mayhem!  That would be the result. You play the game as well as you can by the rules.  Mistakes are made oftimes, but you must accept the final score, barring some absurd act of criminality that decided the outcome.

We have rules, in sports, in life.  Our job is to go by them! All of us. Every one of us!
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