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Will Presidential Race Interfere with Fall HS Football in Texas?

We pray not. After all, some things are more important than others; and Texas hs football is one of them

The good news is that the presidential race should not make much difference. We should be able to able to follow our teams like we always have. But we do have some current problems to deal with.

#1 - the posting of the fall schedules is late; so we don't know when our teams will or will not be seriously challenged.

#2 - the best quality players have yet to be idenfied. We only know a few.

Yet, we do have some inclinations as to which teams may dominate. For example, Ganado and Mason in 2A; Franklin in 3A; and Mart, Albany and Shiner in 2A2; Yes, Shiner, which has been dropped a division; and as always, the Comanches should be highly competitive.

Another bit of good news to anticipate: The election is November 4; we will have a month to put the season together.

Bryce Ullman of Ganado should have great 2024 season! He is multi-talented, as are several others on his team.

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