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Worried about the Political Mess?

At times, I have found myself very anxious about the state of politics in America.  Usually, those times pass quickly.  But also I have found ways to reduce the anxiety immediately, among them:
#1 – Today is not as bad as we may think.  In other words,life itself creates worries and concerns; they are nothing new.  If you are in immediate danger or see it coming, of course, take the necessary avoidance steps immediately. Over all though, life can be tough; stop wanting to make it perfect.
2)Immerse yourself in doing what you enjoy or find meaning in.  In a hobby, in reading certain kinds of entertaining documents or those that cater to your personal tastes.
#3) Connect with friends, share with them where your are in your thinking at the moment.  True friends will understand you, comfort and encourage you.  Count on it
#4)  Lose yourself in your work, in doing it as well as you can; that alone will interfere with, even cease your worries.  If your work is unsatisfying, look to make long range steps to finding a job that is better suited to your talents nd interests.
Good luck!  Have a great day!  Enjoy it
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